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$200 Initial Appointment (new to Suboxone), OR

$125 Initial Appointment (if transfer from another doctor)


$125 Monthly Maintenance Follow-Ups


Insurance Not Accepted (except for Medicare)

Welcome to Palm Beach Suboxone & Medical Detox

For those living in Palm Beach County who are struggling with dependency or addiction to opioids such as heroin and/or narcotic painkillers like Percocet, Vicodin, Oxycontin and others, there are effective alternatives to the traditional inpatient medical detox route.  At Palm Beach Suboxone, Dr. Joan Baijnath and her medical office staff at eMDe Cares ensure every patient receives the DISCREET, COMPASSIONATE, PERSONALIZED treatment they need. We are dedicated to treating the person, not just the addiction, which is why we emphasize medication assisted therapy (MAT-based) Holistic Wellness in our addiction recovery programs. Here, you can find the compassionate care and expert treatment to help you achieve long-lasting sobriety.

Same Day Appointments Available!


Full-Scope Approach

At Palm Beach Suboxone we blend a holistic approach with medical detoxification for true effectiveness.

Board Certified

Our practice is led by a board certified internist and an integrative medical specialist with vast expertise.

A South Florida Leader

Palm Beach Suboxone help patients throughout South Florida, from Miami to Port St. Lucie and beyond!

Long-Term Success

We focus on medical detox solutions that are most likely to result in your long-term success over addiction..

Treating All Opioids

From heroin addictions to oxycodone, hydrocodone, oxycontin, morphine and more, we detox from all opioids!

Sobriety Starts NOW!

Palm Beach Suboxone can be your first step in creating an amazing life in sobriety from drug addiction.

Palm Beach County’s Leader in Opioid Detox Therapies

Palm Beach Suboxone is dedicated to providing the Palm Beach County community safe and successful addiction treatment services. Our medical clinic at eMDe Cares is led by a board certified internist and integrative medicine doctor, with extensive expertise in preventative healthcare,  addiction management, medical marijuana, and holistic healing therapies. Dr. Joan Baijnath’s philosophy of “quality of life care” underlies our patient-focused treatment services that emphasize total wellness as well as freedom from the pain of opioid addiction. We offer a DISCREET, SERENE, CARING environment, where our patients can find the medical expertise and supportive community that will help them on their path to long-lasting sobriety and a happier life.!

Integrative Approach

Our integrative approach to addiction treatment & detox combines traditional and alternative medicine, which means our patients receive a broad spectrum of care.

Discreet, Confidential

No matter who you are, what you do or what your personal struggles may be, we fully realize the sensitive nature of one’s medical detox process and the importance for confidentiality!

Recovery Support

At Palm Beach Suboxone, we believe quality care comes from the connection between the doctor and their patients. As such, we offer ongoing support and therapy for our detox patients.

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We are here for you Monday through Friday!

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“I was using pain pills after knee surgery about two years ago, and when the pills ran out I started using heroin. At the same rate I have my own business and couldn’t take time out of my life for detox or treatment. Dr. Baijnath was wonderful and she absolutely helped me start my sobriety on a strong note!”

Will Janofsky

Palm Beach Gardens, FL


"Premier Opioid Detox of South Florida"


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Knowing the many difficulties inherent to those detoxing from opioid addictions, we strive to create a firm starting point in which the patient can create a foundation for long-term success in their personal sobriety. It is our steadfast goal to create a world of hope and strength for each patient, and to be their for them not only during detox, but throughout their journey to a whole new life.

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